New programme to develop 140 primary mathematics specialist teachers to drive forward teaching for mastery. Applications now closed

UPDATE 5 June 2015: More than 600 people have applied to take part in this programme. Applications are now closed

Details have been announced of a new programme to train 140 primary teachers to become specialists in mastery approaches to teaching maths.

The programme, run by the NCETM in conjunction with Maths Hubs, significantly builds on the work already underway to spread and embed teaching for mastery approaches in maths lessons in English primary schools.

Once fully trained, each one of these new specialist teachers will lead the professional development of further groups of teachers in schools within their Maths Hub area. Over time, this will spread the understanding of, and expertise in, teaching maths for mastery widely across the primary school system. Four participant teachers will be recruited in each Maths Hub area, so ensuring an even spread of new teaching and leadership capacity across the country.

The programme is aimed at existing teachers who have already demonstrated a passion and talent for teaching mathematics, and have the potential to both develop their own teaching skills in line with mastery approaches and pass those on to others.

Participation in the programme will require a substantial time commitment: around 12 days’ release from existing school responsibilities in the first year, and around 30 days in the second year.

Since publishing details of the programme, the NCETM has been asked to further clarify certain details about the programme. Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions are given in this document.