New Maths Hubs programme magazine focuses on teaching for mastery

The NCETM has today published the first issue of what will be a regular magazine giving information and news about the Maths Hubs programme.  The magazine, called Bespoke, is published on the Maths Hubs programme website, and has also been emailed to all 180 000 NCETM registered users.

The first issue largely concentrates on reporting from the recent Teaching Primary Maths for Mastery Forum in Birmingham, attended by teachers from the 47 primary schools across England that this year have played host to teachers from Shanghai. Several articles detail measures taken by some of the schools to start embedding mastery approaches into classroom practice and into organisation of the school day and deployment of teachers and teaching assistants.

Much of the work of the 34 Maths Hubs, which started work last September, has concentrated on exploring ways of implementing teaching for mastery in maths lessons. One project has involved teachers from Shanghai spending a month in primary schools in every Maths Hub area. In another, Key Stage 1 teachers in a different group of schools are exploring how use of a high quality textbook can contribute to a wider mastery approach.

Hard copies of the new magazine have also been printed and will be distributed at conferences and events during the rest of the summer term.