Name change at one of the Maths Hubs serving Yorkshire

The name of the Maths Hub serving West Yorkshire and surrounding areas has changed, from White Rose Maths Hub to West Yorkshire Maths Hub.

The hub will continue to be led by Trinity Academy, Halifax, and its work, supporting local schools in improving the teaching of maths, will continue unchanged. At the same time, the maths teaching materials developed by the team at Trinity, and until now promoted by the Maths Hub, will be branded as White Rose Maths materials, and continue to be available at no cost.

This change makes clear the distinction between the Maths Hub work led by Trinity Academy, focused on supporting schools in the West Yorkshire area, and the separate materials development work of the Trinity team. The West Yorkshire Maths Hub will continue to work closely with neighbouring Maths Hubs, in particular those in Yorkshire and North West, to ensure that schools in and around West Yorkshire benefit from the full support of the Maths Hubs Programme.