• The use of well-designed and tested textbooks is critical for the successful implementation of teaching for mastery. A good textbook is both an aid for the teacher in planning lessons, and for the pupil during lessons and working on their own.
  • In the first two years of the Maths Hubs programme, teachers in a handful of schools in every Maths Hub area took part in a trial of adapted versions of textbooks that have been successfully used in Singapore.
  • Feedback from these schools was positive. Teachers reported that using the textbooks supported their subject knowledge and helped them use resources more effectively. They said they were able to engage in more careful planning and improve their understanding of the steps that children need to take to develop their learning.
  • The view among the first cohort of Mastery Specialists is also that the impact of teaching for mastery is greatly enhanced by the use of a high-quality textbook.
  • For these reasons, a proportion of the overall DfE funding for teaching for mastery is being made available to those schools participating in the Maths Hubs projects (Work Groups) led by Mastery Specialist teachers, to help the schools buy high-quality maths textbooks that meet criteria drawn up by the Department for Education.
  • In January 2017, publishers were invited to submit textbooks for review by an expert panel established by the DfE. The panel will review submissions against the criteria. A list of textbooks that meet the criteria will appear here early in the 2017 summer term. Participant schools will then, via their Maths Hub, be able to receive funding towards textbooks purchased from this list.
  • If you are a publisher interested in having your textbook reviewed by the expert panel, please email maths.programme@education.gov.uk for details on how to apply.