Secondary Mastery Specialists programme

In school year 2016-17, all Maths Hubs participated in a national project to start exploring teaching for mastery approaches in secondary schools. Between two and four teachers from secondary schools in each Maths Hub took part in a programme, with three residentials over the course of the year, developmental work back at school, and ongoing communication and discussion in online communities.

In the 2017 summer term, we asked some of the teachers, in these short videos (between two and three minutes' duration) for some examples of what was changing at their schools as a result of their participation in the programme, both in their own classrooms, and in their work with colleagues in maths departments. These short videos, between two and three minutes' duration, are the result. You can also read the specialists' reflections in Issue 143 of the NCETM Secondary Magazine.

The programme is continuing into 2017-18.

Productive struggle
Full sentences
Questioning own subject knowledge
Precise mathematical language
Sharing theory with colleagues
Discussing mastery with colleagues
Pictorial representations
Students articulating their thinking
Narrower focus per lesson
Multiple representations
Variation theory
Pace of learning
A narrower KS3 curriculum
Fine-tuning pupils' practice
Answer is only the beginning
Visualisation of maths