Level 3 (Post GCSE) Maths

There is now a widely shared ambition to encourage pupils to continue studying mathematics to 18, after successfully achieving their GCSE qualification. Maths Hubs are working in partnership with the Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP) and the Core Maths Support Programme (CMSP) in a range of ways to support increased participation in and enhanced provision for level 3 mathematics. Some examples are given below.

Level 3 Maths Co-ordination Groups

All Maths Hubs are establishing Level 3 Maths co-ordination groups to ensure that schools and colleges can access relevant support as they seek to developing Level 3 Maths provision and increase participation. The groups are made up of the Maths Hub Level 3 Maths Lead, the FMSP Area Co-ordinator, the Core Maths Lead, and other key partners. The aim of the group is to ensure existing support is widely promoted and also to identify and develop further relevant Work Groups.

Level 3 Maths Participation Work Groups

In the first two years of the programme, all Maths Hubs have participated in a National Collaborative Project looking at effective approaches to increase participation in maths, post-16. Each Maths Hub has had a Work Group that has brought together schools and colleges keen to increase numbers to work with and learn from other schools and colleges that already have relatively higher levels of participation.

Core Maths Early Developers

As part of the wider national programme to promote and introduce Core Maths qualifications, Maths Hubs identified and nominated schools and colleges to be Core Maths Early Developers. Most of these institutions introduced Core Maths in 2015-16, having been funded to prepare for the new courses in 2014-15.

NCETM A-level Accredited PD Leads

The NCETM have worked with the FMSP to develop the A-level Accredited Professional Development Lead Programme. Maths Hubs have identified and nominated teachers for this programme and those that are successfully accredited will then be able to support future Maths Hub work with A-level Maths teachers.


Post-16 Participation

    This national project has the broad aim of increasing participation levels of post-16 students in A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics courses, and other level 3 courses, such as Core Maths. In this context, many hubs are exploring ways of increasing the proportion of girls studying maths at this level and beyond.

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