Leadership Development

Schools and colleges need high quality subject leadership in order to improve the quality of mathematics teaching and the outcomes for pupils. Maths Hubs are therefore working in a range of ways to develop and support maths leadership. This includes supporting subject leaders working within their own schools and local leaders of mathematics education that work with teachers from a number of schools. Some examples are given below.

Subject leader networks

In many areas there are already well established networks for both secondary and primary subject leaders. In such cases, Maths Hubs have been seeking to support the networks through connecting them to other aspects of Maths Hub work. However, in areas where no networks exist, Maths Hubs have worked with subject leaders to set up new networks.

NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead programmes

The NCETM has a well-established range of programmes that support the development and accreditation of professional development leads. Maths Hubs are now working in partnership with the NCETM to develop more PD Leads for both primary and secondary mathematics. Once accredited, these PD Leads may then go on to lead Work Groups for the Maths Hub or work in other ways to support the development of maths teaching across a number of schools.

Local Leaders of Maths Education conferences

There are now several types of maths leaders working beyond their own school. These include Maths SLEs (Specialist Leaders of Education); NCETM Accredited PD Leads; Maths Leads for multi-academy trusts or other school groups; local authority maths consultants. Maths Hubs are therefore seeking to support these leaders through occasional regional conferences which both showcase local work happening in the region and update on national developments.