Curriculum, Resources and Qualifications

Schools and colleges continue to address changes in the mathematics curriculum and associated assessments and qualifications. There is also ongoing innovation and development in resources to support maths education. Maths Hubs are therefore working in a wide range of ways to support schools in these areas. Some examples are shown below.

Bar modelling Work Groups

There has been a significant growth of interest in using the ‘bar model’ to support the learning of mathematics at both primary and secondary phases. Consequently, a number of Maths hubs have designed Work Groups that enable teachers to explore in depth the use of the model. These Work Groups normally combine teacher workshops with school-based tasks where teachers test out the use of the model before feeding back at later workshops.

ICCAMS Project

Nine Maths Hubs are working on an Education Endowment Foundation effectiveness trial that is examining an intervention designed to increasing competence and confidence in algebra and multiplicative structures (ICCAMS) at Key Stage 3. The Maths Hubs are working with Nottingham and Durham University on a two year effectiveness trial based on the work led by Professor Jeremy Hodgen.

New GCSE Work Groups

Maths Hubs are working in a variety of ways to support subject leaders and teachers introducing the new mathematics GCSE. Some Maths Hubs have established Work Groups that are looking at designing schemes of work for Years 7 to 11; others are focusing on the changes to assessment; others are considering new resources to support the GCSE. The Maths Hubs network is also seeking to work closely with Awarding Organisations to ensure high quality information is communicated to schools at this key time of change.