What Maths Hubs Are Doing

Maths Hubs Projects in 2018/19

The Maths Hubs Network runs a series of nationally co-ordinated professional development projects for anyone involved in the teaching of maths. The emphasis is on collaborative, exploratory, evidence-based professional development and research, continuing through the whole year for substantial professional and systemic change: these are not top-down, one-off courses. 

The projects are delivered through locally-based Work Groups led by an expert, in which participants contribute to and learn from the national project. Each Maths Hub puts together its own programme of Work Groups to run locally, and many projects have Work Groups in all Maths Hubs, making them available to anyone who wants to join.

While the majority of projects are offered to any teachers, teaching assistants and practitioners who wish to join, there are some which are only in certain geographical locations, which require previous participation in a project or which do not have open recruitment.

Much of Maths Hubs’ work in 2018/19 revolves around the NCETM’s Teaching for Mastery Programme which began in 2016, and is now funded to continue well into the coming decade. You can find out more below. Flyers (PDF) are available to download for Early Years/Primary and Secondary/Post-16 projects. Additionally, a poster (PDF) outlining CPD options from Maths Hubs and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) for A level Maths, Further Maths and Core Maths teachers is available to download.

You can also find out below about the nationally coordinated projects run by the Maths Hub network in 2017/18, and the range of other projects which have taken place since 2014.

Contact your local Maths Hub to see which Work Groups it is offering and to get involved with these exciting opportunities for professional development in 2018/19.