Video snapshot of the Shanghai teacher exchange in one primary school

A video report showing how Shanghai style teaching came to one of the 22 primary schools involved in the first wave of the exchange has been published by the NCETM, on the Maths Hubs programme website.

The report shows Shanghai teacher Xie Jing in a Year2/3 class at Outwood Primary Academy, Ledger Lane in Wakefield, the primary school in the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub area chosen to take part in the exchange.

The video also hears from the school’s teachers, and those from other local schools, about what they learnt from observing Xie Jing during her three-week stay.

The first wave of Shanghai teachers, who taught in 15 Maths Hub areas, returned to China at the end of November. The second wave, arriving at the end of February 2015, will be placed in schools in the remaining 17 Maths Hub areas.

The teacher exchange, and the Maths Hubs programme, are funded by the Department for Education, and coordinated by the NCETM.