New video: What English school teachers learnt from their Shanghai counterparts

Teachers from English primary schools that hosted Shanghai teachers in November (2014) have been speaking in glowing terms of how they and their pupils benefited from the experience.  

Twenty-nine Shanghai teachers spent a month in England as part of the England – China project: one of the main national initiatives undertaken in the first year of the Maths Hubs programme, which is coordinated by the NCETM. The Shanghai teachers worked in 22 different schools, covering 15 of the Maths Hub areas.

They taught maths lessons, to a variety of year groups, in exactly the same way that they teach in Shanghai.

The NCETM has now published a new video, filmed at a leaving reception for the Shanghai teachers, in which eight of the English school teachers speak about their experience working alongside their Chinese colleagues.

All of the teachers speak of seeing their pupils show signs of deeper mathematical understanding as a result of being taught by the Shanghai teachers, and of how their own professional learning moved forward during the month.

A second wave of Shanghai teachers, bound for schools in a further 17 Maths Hub areas, is due to arrive at the end of February (2015).