Four year funding for Teaching for Mastery

The success of the work done so far by Maths Hubs to support primary schools in introducing mastery approaches to maths teaching has contributed to the announcement of major new funding to expand the programme across the primary school landscape for the next four years.

The announcement of £41 million funding was made by the School Standards Minister Nick Gibb at the annual conference of the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education in London in July.

There are three broad strands to the funding

  • Continuing to train primary teachers as Mastery Specialists, and equip them to pass on their expertise to teachers and schools in their areas. So far 140 Mastery Specialists have already been trained. Over the next four school years, a further 560 will be trained.
  • Funding teachers and schools to join Maths Hub Work Groups, led by Mastery Specialists, with the aim of spreading knowledge, experience and expertise about mastery approaches widely across the school landscape. The first 840 of these schools joining Work Groups in this have already been selected. From next year onwards, the numbers of schools participating in this way will rise sharply, reaching a total figure of around 8,000 by school year 2019-2020.
  • Subsidising schools participating in the above Work Groups to buy textbooks—for use by teachers in lesson preparation and pupils during lessons.