Maths Hubs’ work gaining momentum

As the second year of the Maths Hubs programme gets fully underway, it’s striking how much has been achieved as a result of teachers from all phases getting involved, at local and national level, in a variety of projects, which are already having local and national impact.

  • A growing number of primary schools are building their capacity to embed teaching for mastery approaches in maths lessons and across whole-school organisation
  • A group of 140 primary teachers are embarking on a year-long development programme to become mastery specialists
  • The Shanghai teacher exchange project moves into the secondary phase
  • New assessment materials, created by teachers and others working through the Maths Hubs programme, have been downloaded well over 140 000 times
  • New calculation guidance, also based on classroom experience from the Shanghai exchange primary schools, is also proving immensely popular
  • A new project, involving all Maths Hubs, researching ways of improving mathematical reasoning among Key Stage 3 pupils, is about to get underway.

‘It’s a good start,’ says John Westwell, NCETM Lead for the Maths Hubs programme. ‘We’ve laid the foundations for significant improvements to spread across the system. However, change will only happen when teachers of mathematics are able to work together in a sustained way over time. That’s why it’s great to see so many schools and teachers now keen to engage with the Maths Hubs on this.’