Deep and lasting mathematical understanding

At the heart of everything that Maths Hubs do is the objective of helping pupils—from Year 1 to Year 13—acquire an understanding of maths that helps them move on to more advanced material, that is useful to them outside maths lessons and outside the school gates, and that helps them in life and work once they leave school. This theme dominates all teaching for mastery work and also the mathematical reasoning.

The way this comes about is by teachers getting together to discuss their practice, take new or refined approaches back to classrooms, then get together again to share experiences and move towards cementing the approaches that show evidence of helping pupils. Most Maths Hub projects (Work Groups) follow this broad template. In particular, every Maths Hubs now has three or four of these Work Groups, each led by a Mastery Specialist and with participant teachers from six different primary schools—the aim being over the course of this school year to help these schools start introducing teaching for mastery approaches for the benefit of their pupils.

Similarly, in every Maths Hub, there’s a Work Group with secondary school maths teachers experimenting with new classroom approaches that help Key Stage 3 pupils develop the reasoning skills that will support them in their maths learning journey and elsewhere in the curriculum.

But this is only a proportion of all Maths Hubs work. There are hundreds of Work Groups bringing teachers together and addressing a wide range of curriculum and phase areas. And everywhere the focus is on helping pupils develop deeper and more secure understanding.