Local Leaders of Maths Education

A core principle of the Maths Hubs programme is that leadership of improvements in maths education in each hub area is dispersed among schools, teachers, and other maths education experts. Although each Maths Hub is administratively led by the hub’s lead school or college, the strategic direction of each hub’s activities, matching both national and local priorities, is set by a central group, with representatives from schools and bodies further afield. In addition, the organisation and leadership of individual strands of work is undertaken by teachers and other maths education experts from across the hub’s area.

Three Maths Hubs in the Midlands—Central, GLOW and Salop and Herefordshire—brought together more than a hundred of these individuals—coining the phrase Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLME)—at a conference in January.

Close up of teachers talking

Those attending already carried a variety of different designations--SLE, NCETM PD Lead, NCETM CPD Standard holder, MaST teacher, LA advisor, Maths Hub workgroup leader, Primary Mastery Specialist among them. But the overriding common thread was substantial experience in developing other teachers’ maths-specific competence and confidence.

The aim of the day was to strengthen links among this key group of maths education leaders and develop more ways of working together, within and across Maths Hub boundaries.

The day featured an update on maths education policy from the DfE, sessions on teaching for mastery and Core Maths, and a selection of the projects (Work Groups) currently being run by Maths Groups in the Midlands.