Maths Hubs programme moves into its second year

As we approach the end of the school year, teachers in Maths Hubs leadership positions are reporting on the first year’s work, and planning work for September onwards. This is very much a shared leadership, with both strategic and operational input coming from other schools, colleges, universities and individuals with expertise in maths education.

In this issue you’ll see a reflection of the wide range of teachers’ work already underway, in primary, secondary and sixth form maths classrooms, with the consistent aim of increasing the numbers of pupils learning maths more securely—something that will benefit them on both their educational and life journeys.

A common feature of the work is collaboration and shared professional learning among teachers in school clusters and across Maths Hub areas. Teachers, meeting face to face and communicating online, continually compare notes about their classroom experiences as projects mature, always with input from a Work Group leader bringing substantial maths education expertise into the mix.

An added feature of the second year of the Maths Hubs programme will be more collaboration between Maths Hubs, typically bringing a small group of hubs together to pool experience, maybe in the development of a new project, or in the wider implementation of something that’s already worked well in a single hub.

And while this is underway, the 34 Maths Hub Leads, who meet termly, will continue to pool their thoughts and experiences, developing a growing and influential voice for mathematics education at a national level.