Hundreds more schools join Maths Hubs projects

As the year turns, a number of Maths Hubs programme projects are in the process of scaling up substantially, to include the participation of more teachers in more schools.

  • Each one of the 140 primary Mastery Specialists, currently being trained over the course of this school year, is now in the process of recruiting five local schools to take part in collaboration and shared learning in the field of teaching for mastery. Joined up work begins in January.
  • In the project aimed at developing mathematical reasoning skills in Key Stage 3, each of the 35 Maths Hubs is recruiting five schools to take part in a Work Group.
  • Hundreds of schools sent representatives to observe Shanghai teachers working in secondary schools in November – a repeat of the primary-based project last year. In both these school phases, this work, of spreading research and collaboration activity, is continuing via Work Groups in all 35 Maths Hubs.