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September 2018

    The latest issue of Bespoke has been published, bringing up-to-date news from the Maths Hubs Programme as we start another school year. This issue highlights the opportunities for teachers, of all school and college phases, to join professional development projects taking place during 2018-2019.

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May 2018

January 2018

October 2017

    The latest issue of Bespoke has now been published. We have news of more funding for the Maths Hubs programme, a summary of the wide range of projects Maths Hubs will be running this year, and an item exploring what we mean by the word ‘fluency.’

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April 2017

    Welcome to the tenth issue of Bespoke. We’ve entered double figures! This issue gets to the heart of how Maths Hubs are enabling teachers to engage in professional learning activities that amount to more than a sole attendance at a one-day workshop. We hear from both primary and secondary teachers working with colleagues from around the corner and across the country over a period of time – all with the aim of making changes that lead to pupils learning maths more securely. If this appeals to you, why not find out if your local Maths Hub has a Work Group that you or your school could join from September?

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February 2017

    Welcome to the ninth issue of Bespoke, as we hit the half way mark in the school year, the third full year of the Maths Hubs programme. In this issue, we report on one Maths Hub lead school that is changing the way it thinks about setting for maths in Key Stage 3; we look at how another hub is coordinating all mastery work across its region; and hear how thousands of teachers got a flavour of the latest teacher exchange between England and Shanghai. If any of this prompts you to want to get involved in your local Maths Hub, you can find out where and who to contact.

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November 2016

    Welcome to the eighth issue of Bespoke, as we head towards Christmas in the third full year of the Maths Hubs programme. Activity is now increasing on several fronts, with the number of schools involved with Maths Hubs Work Groups (projects), at varying levels of intensity, continuing to rise sharply. If your school is not yet involved, contact your local Maths Hub to find out what’s going on in your area.

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September 2016

    Welcome to the seventh issue of Bespoke, as we start the third full year of the Maths Hubs programme. This issue marks the significant financial boost given to the Teaching for Mastery programme, announced at the end of last term by the School Standards Minister Nick Gibb. We also take a look at what the 35 Maths Hubs have planned for this school year.

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May 2016

    Welcome to the sixth issue of Bespoke. As we approach the second anniversary of the launch of the Maths Hubs programme, funding for the programme has been confirmed for the next two years, and the programme continues to deepen its roots, widen its reach and show encouraging signs of impact.

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March 2016

    Welcome to the fifth issue of Bespoke, as we enter the second half of the second school year in the life of the Maths Hubs programme. In the sections below, you’ll read about how the work of the programme is maturing: in classroom applications of teaching for mastery, and in the way schools organise themselves to maximise the effects of their maths teaching. We also hear a Maths Hub Lead unpick what we really mean when we use the phrase ‘subject knowledge.’

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December 2015

    Welcome to the fourth issue of Bespoke, at the turn of another calendar year, and as the Maths Hubs programme welcomes the creation of the 35th Maths Hub, serving Cumbria and the north of Lancashire. The new term will also see secondary schools that are part of the England-China teacher exchange take forward their research following the rich experience of working alongside colleagues from Shanghai in November.

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October 2015

    Welcome to the third issue of Bespoke As the second year of the programme gets fully underway, it’s striking how much has been achieved as a result of teachers from all phases getting involved, at local and national level, in a variety of projects, which are already having local and national impact.

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July 2015

    Welcome to the second issue of Bespoke, bringing you news from the Maths Hubs programme, now approaching the end of its first year, and about to sharply increase the works it’s doing to improve maths education across England .

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April 2015

    Welcome to the first issue of Bespoke, a regular briefing giving you a personal window on the work of the Maths Hubs programme. This issue is devoted to bringing you key important messages from the recent Teaching Primary Maths for Mastery Forum in Birmingham, attended by nearly three hundred primary teachers. It was a day that we think will prove a significant first milestone in the spreading of mastery approaches to teaching primary mathematics across England.

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